Auction Apps

In tune with the times

Auction apps, founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with an investment capital of US Dollard 2.8 million for the development of a smart Real Estate platform, we believe that the Real Estate Dubai Market deserves to have an innovative and simple access to an Auction including all property’ related information with an exceptional track record within a highly regulated environment.

Our goal is to remove any technical, time consumers barriers that can prevent the Dubai’s Real Estate investors from making their decision to invest and participate to Real Estate auctions worldwide from their smart screens.

The UAE sets a clear vision through its Artificial Intelligence Strategy, to become the world leader in Artificial Intelligence by 2031, therefore, it is essential to set the foundation, the Artificial Intelligence strategy, with clear strategic objectives that outline the initiatives that are essential in achieving the milestones.

The United Arab Emirates is focusing on domains where it can have world-leading assets and unique opportunities, hence, the mission for the first ministerial term is to transform the UAE into a world leader in Artificial Industry by investing and supporting people, industries and ideas that are key to the country mission success. Responding to this opportunities Auction Apps has developed several initiatives aim to develop a values-driven approach to the Real Estate auction’s sector

Our vision is to create a better Real Estate Auction’s experience for this leading sector of the UAE. where all parties involved in Real Estate parties can buy, sale, transact and get all properties related information in one unique platform.

The current period is considered to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) where there is rapid transformations across industries, societies and nations catalyzed by technology, connectivity, and automation.